Day 16 – “Can you feel it?”

1pm. The day started late on site. The guys were busy making the last drawings for the landscaping, so we can send the version to Komune. For the time being the pounding of the tires can start even though they act as foundation, but seeing they are not filled with concrete, hence “destroyable”, they are not a problem.

This approval that we are seeking is for the column foundation, which consists in tires half pounded with earth, half filled with concrete where we will set the anchors for the connections for each column. Good thing is that this is not an “emergency” for us because the column can be set later on, when wall is started and when we have more man power.

Back to my 1pm. They guys were on site with some volunteers, the brave ones if I may say, because as it goes a lot of people are more attracted to pound as if too much energy and anger needs to be released after the end of the semester and making something constructive out it seems like the right thing to do.
And so following Yovko’s drawing of the best solution of LEPD positioning, they start placing the membrane. I stopped on site after work and it didn4t seem that easy of a task consider the type of fabric. But they managed by the end of the day to place de DPM and the geotextile (to protect the DPM) on the back wall and the left side (longest side).
With this a promises that tomorrow we start pounding the very first tires of this project. Something that I can only think as an emotionally charged moment, like putting the first brick, a symbol, a challenge, a step from which we can not come back from.

Thanks for following the earthshippers 

Sentence of the day: “Can you feel it?”
I have to add a context to this one: Gravel had to be added in a particular spot but the geotextile was already on, so Stephan was trying to find the exact spot, Sintija was on the other side, and the easiest way to find the spot was to “feel” each other’s hand through the fabric… 😉2013 - 1

2013 - 2

2013 - 3


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