Grand Opening

We didn’t post much towards the end of the project because we were running out of time and the main priority was to finish the house. We are happy to announce that on the 19th of September 2014 we have successfully completed the project. We are currently running a number of research projects to find out how the building performs. if you would like to find out more, please take a look at our Facebook page for news or book a tour of the house. Here you can see the gallery from our Grand Opening event.


Day 449: Panic…17 days until Grand Opening…getting ready for the final spring

2nd of September and I’m ready to work. Yesterday I came on site to get up to speed. So here’s where we are now:

–       Floor in both rooms are in, missing the finish connection with the walls, because there are no walls, only 3 boards in the main room, west wall.

–       Sensors are in – 4 in the floors, 6 in the walls – and working.

–       Flashing are all in.

–       The wall where is now the door is up as well as the facades and the inside door. (Which I was told was a door meant to connect with the outside and had only one handle…boy    I’m happy I was on “vacation” :) ).

–       The lights are up, but not yet functional.

–       There is soil in the planters and insulation between each front column.

–       The green wall has its first layer of geotextile up and ready to go.

–       Cables, cables everywhere. Now as much as I would like to be detailed about it, I can’t, there was little time for George to explain to me the cables, and to be honest, I’m more of a structure gal, so… 😀

–       The deck was done, and I was told that it was a pain in the butt to do.

–       Ventilation tower inlet and outlet are functioning.


I think that’s about it. Seems like a small list but really it’s outstanding what George managed to do with his father’s help :)


So back to Tuesday; Andrea Gino was helping George placing some cables here and there. George was placing the light switches after we decided on what should light what. Attention to detail is a great force but can also be your greatest enemy…


On my side, I was cleaning the place a little, preparing for a big cleaning the next day in between inside, outside and the container.

Getting familiar with your surroundings might take some time but it is essential to be efficient. Take the time you need, because after when you need a tool, you know where it is and lose no time in looking for it. You also know what needs to be done and it gives you a better perspective on the time frame of it all!


That’s all for today so:

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Day 402: Yovko’s birthday is also a working day :)

It’s been over a month and a half that I haven’t set foot on site and I’m so excited to go back to Denmark, it feels like home. Yovko is not aware that I’m coming and I can’t wait to see his face.


But enough about that, it’s a memory for me to cherish not you :)

But while I was there might as well work a little!


In the mean let’s go through what happened lately:

School hired carpenters to do a frame inside the house in order for us to have a flat surface to screw the panels to. They also started to build a frame for the door, damp proofing it and so on, and they are doing the façade, meaning the structure and putting the bamboo.

The flashing are finished on the roof and around the skylights. Missing only the ones at the bottom of the façade.

George has started on the electricity and we are now meeting with a Chinese company who just started in Denmark, who does LED light panels as well as spot and tubes. They are very excited about sponsoring us. I’m telling you, this place is going to look like a discotheque!!! Hahah how 70 of me :)


So now that both you and I are up to date, let’s see what was are latest issues ^^

It’s time to connect cables from the solar panels to the house. Not that we are going to use those specific panels but cables need to run around there for our panel later on.

Now I cannot emphasize enough this next part:


Sorry for the capitals, I’m not angry, well maybe a little, but only at myself. Last autumn when we placed that blue pipe inside the soil it was bended up and down, down from the house up and down to go above the electric cable that powers the energy house and up one last time to surface by the solar panels.

Yovko and I take a smaller plastic cable pipe – 80mm going into 160mm – a bit hard to push it in at the beginning, first corner, then straight and everything seems and feels fine. Then BAM, hit a wall and the pipe won’t go any further. We push and push, twist, out and in again, but it won’t go. I have an uneasy feeling growing in the pit of my stomach. We take the pipe out to match the length on the outside to now around where we got stuck. Sure enough it’s around where the pipe first goes down from the house. A spot where the excavator drove many, many times last autumn to finish the backfill.

I go inside the house thinking I might just have more luck from there, but of course, luck and me we are not very good friends and today he simply despises me :) 1:30h later I’m still there, Yovko stopped by, Darius, Fleming, each with an unsuccessful idea.

Plan B is to go outside and mark the spot it allegedly got stuck and dig. Happy faces everywhere ^^ But it gets funny when Darius Fleming and Yovko each taking turn digging in the pit look at me and ask: “are you sure this is the right spot?” I felt so bad, and yet still confident that they were on the right track, give or take 20 cm to each side, just not deep enough. 2h later we give up, decide there are more important things to do right now then finding a pipe, and so the search is abandoned, for now.

I was told later on that I WAS right, it was exactly where I said it would be. The pipe had indeed been broken and when accessed, it was easy enough to make the smaller pipe – WITH A WIRE INSIDE – pass through!


Time flew by and I’m already on my way out of Denmark.


I’ll see you soon!

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Sentence of the week: “manja manja!” a new sport in which you have to kill a seagull with a shovel while it’s flying in order to eat it.

PS: no animals where hurt during those try outs as you can imagine no one succeeded in said sport.

Day 336: Brolæggergrus

It’s been a while, but I have been splitting my time with other workshops. But what I can tell you is that for the inside of the house, brolæggergrus has been chosen. It’s like sand with clay and small gravel – 0-8mm – and it’s something that I saw being used in one of the house in Friland. So thank you guys for the tip it was very useful.





Of course ordering it was just as usual, a phone call from Yovko saying that the transport company is ready to go but they need to know how much of it we want, and I’m in the house, looking blankly around me, thinking of what tools could help me be super efficient. Let me remind you that it’s BT, so of course nothing could help me. Take out the calculator, also known as my phone and start multiplying numbers out of the top of my mind. I think 12 cubic meters is enough, but might as well do 16, because, well again, experience has shown me that this house has the magical yet very real capacity to gorge itself with whatever material we feed it with… J plus it’s the capacity of the truck!

Anyways this brolæggergrus has the capacity of being very sandy like when wet but as hard as concrete once it’s dry. Perfect for our needs, around 25cm of it should act as thermal mass for the future floor heating.

After wheal barreling the entire place, it’s now time to plate vibrate it! This time it wasn’t me who went to pick it up, but the same thing happened to them, and unlucky the vibrator went through the seat. I’m sure you never thought you would read this on a construction blog ^^…

The worst part is waiting for it to dry, not much you can do about that that, so you compact and wait.

But this is where I leave for now. I’m going away for a while, but I’ll be back J

In the meantime, take good care and stay tuned, our facebook page will continue to be updated regardless of my departure!!!

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Day 316: Planter time

During the weekend and over the past few days, after we have decided on a new course of action for the planters it was now time for me to draw the new planters in order to know how much materials to buy. And so I installed the latest AutoCAD on my computer. Boy that was a mistake. The time it took me to make the program work (I have a bad mojo when it comes to computer if you didn’t already know …) was 4 times longer than it took me to draw it by hand and calculate everything with my calculator.


















Finally on site with everything I need, including the now roughed out piece of paper with my calculations and drawings. Nothing very complex here. A 15m long planter with a 1% slope and two corners. 500mm wide and a maximum depth of 270mm. OSB boards and some 2/4 wood. I have to say that at first we were all so careful on how we stepped on the insulation inside the house, shoes off and light steps, as if on the moon. Time went by and who has time for that. Cut the boards inside the house is much faster and safer if I may say so, seeing that well rainy days are a constant here ☺
















Eventually, actually exactly after lunch break and at the second corner, I had a major crises of dyslexia and suddenly my own calculations made no sense what so ever. I sit down, look them over, start from scratch, nothing works, I finally give up and ask Yovko to take a look. 30min later he has reached the same numbers as I have, just I was imagining the level upside down and got confused… no comment on that one, thank you ☺ The wood part being over, other things need to be considered: putting something underneath the planters so the OSB doesn’t sag, and add the DPM and well as geotextile, a drainage pipe connecting to the drainage done couple of weeks ago and the ventilation pipe that will be placed inside the planter and will later be known as “the fucked up corner” ^^ . Add some muffas here and there and that’s that for the planter, at least for the time being.

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Sentence of the day: “I lost it” … “What?” …”I don’t know, but I lost it” …



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