Building Permit – Plan B

Hey everybody
As you know we’ve been having discussion with Horsens Kommune regarding building permit for our house. There is one more project with focus on sustainability which was created by VIA and some teachers. Horsens Kommune likes our project a lot, however they can only give a building permit to one of the project at this time as they share the same location. VIA of course prioritized their own project and the Kommune gave them a green light for this summer.

That being said, we’re not done! Building Tomorrow will continue as usual, but the construction of the house is postponed until summer 2013, we will be able to obtain a building permit by then. The project will most likely be part of the summer school so anybody can take a course and get hands on experience as well as information about the concept. This extra year will give us a great opportunity for improvement and we can make sure that everybody who participates in the project will consider it as time well spent. During this year we are also planning to work on this concept and similar projects, outside of Denmark. We will keep you informed.

We know that many people have already signed up to help us out this summer and we really appreciate it, we hope that this didn’t cause too much inconvenience. If you’re graduating now you can still come back and help us next year if possible. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us anytime at

Design Team
Building Tomorrow


We cooperate with public and private partners that share the same vision. This way we would like to thank to everyone who has contributed or supported us in any way. Together, we can make a difference.

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