Day 1 – diary

Day 1 – A lucky day
7am. that was the rendezvous with Soren Sorensen for the excavation of the house. Main level at -1.3m and trenches at -1.86m. It didn’t take us long to realize that “thank God” the excavator was also doing the trenches! We would have lost days digging with shovels and muscles.
7am and the company is right on time. I get there alone and realize that Yovko and Janis, who have the excavation plan are on their way, and I’m alone. But never mind, the guy is very nice and speaks very well English.
10am. We come back on site and start to get worried. 3 hours before I was telling the guys: “ get excited, we are starting.” Tobi’s only answer is “I’m just too nervous”… with good reason may I add, because by the time we come back, sudden realization that the excavated earth will NOT fit behind.
12pm. I come back on site, with this time my computer, camera and water. Planning to stay longer even though calculations are still waiting for me to put an end to their miserable eurocode existence!
1:30pm. -1.3m has been reached, and GPS coordinates are on their way for us to set the lines for the trenches. GPS worked perfectly and fast. What a relief may I add. But there’s something, something black spot on where the trench of the west wall should go. Shit. Yes shit, nothing more nothing less. An old pile forgotten there for years and left to rot. Lucky again, it’s exactly where we have to dig. Unfortunately -2.10m instead of the -1.86m we were expecting. Guess Darius will have to ask NNC for 5m3 more of gravel.
3:30pm. We are almost done. Done for today that is. It’s the milestone in our project. From there starts everything. And now outside with the sun shining on my computer, barely allowing me to see what I am typing, but the feeling of hope and excitement is among us I am sure, for Yovko and Janis haven’t left the site either, both smiling at the precision of our now favorite excavator.

Last words of the day:
It fits. For the pessimistic that the three of us were, it fit! Who knew!
Now back to the office where more work awaits. The day is young, who knows, we might just change into our working suits and start digging and piping.

Thank you folks and see you tomorrow.



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