Day 130 – 6.5 m3 of dirt


9am and Lukas is on site writing on our facebook page: “where are you guys?”. As it is, Yovko is not such a morning person and has troubles with alarm clocks. I’m taking a ride with him so waiting home and telling Lukas we’ll be there soon is the best I can do ^^


9:30am and Lukas is doing what he does best: pounding. Yovko is leveling the ventilation pipe on the East side of the house. Time is of the essence sense tomorrow Erne is coming to set up the filtering system for the rain water and we need to level ventilation pipe and do the back fill over it (40cm) manu militari. I’m walking around site after doing a sketch of how many tires still need to be pounded (22 by my count). Collect all the tires that are not 205 reference and bring 30 205’s on site, neatly stocked. This week we want a truck to come and pick up all the tires we haven’t used, so about a full container :(.


10:30 and Line a treasure of volunteer that we just discovered comes over on site. Initially I wanted her to paint the columns but the weather was foggy and not the right condition for that. But “bam!” Line starts digging and giving Yovko soil for the leveling.

By lunch her and I had started the back fill and boy do we know how to move dirt :) Yovko goes out to lunch, Lukas leaces for a meeting so the two of us continue; in between girl talk we dig. It’s warm and we are in the best mood possible.


1:30pm and it’s like that girl can read my mind: “Audrey, are you hungry? Let’s go eat!” 30min break and we come back to site completely pumped, start digging again.


4:30pm Yovko is out for 1h and sends us Ricardo, our faithful volunteer from summer school.


It’s 6:20pm and I call out the last wheel barrel. Yovko and I can not believe what the four of us just achieved. Around 6.5m3 of soil moved and leveled into the east wing. I think it’s thanks to the brownies and coke that Line brought for the snack :)

It’s time to go home and I think I can speak for Yovko and myself that we had a great day, an exhausting one, granted, but a funny one with Line and Ricardo! Time to go home shower and pass out. Tomorrow water filtering :)


Thanks for following :)



Sentence of the day: Yovko and I get in the car and at the same time, with a broad smile on our face we say “F***” high fived and drove into the setting sun ^^


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