Day 15 – Compacting “more or less”

Hello there! Happy to be back among you.

I have been having a lot of good feedback from this little “diary” which is lovely . Today hence might be a little longer than usual to bring you up to speed. So let’s talk business: first let’s sum up what happened these past 7 days:
Gravel came.
They set the drain pipe around the house with the small gravel (3/6mm)
They leveled out the trenched up to where the first layer of tires should be

Apparently leveling gravel was a pain you know where. Trying to actually level 2cm over a distance of 12m is long. I personally used the compactor today and thought it was fun, I mean a huge machine that vibrates and goes forward by itself doesn’t really take a lot of effort though your hands keep vibrating by themselves for a while after and you should not try to compact a plywood board because, that’s not funny (well okay a little bit ).

Rain was one of the things that slowed down everything and I think the barbecue on Friday with the volunteers was too much of a success as well 😉

So today I went back on site around 11am (not because I slept in, don’t go getting that idea :) ) to discover that my cave aka. storage container was not like I left it. Well then again it’s like leaving your apartment with only guys in it, what do you really expect when you come back after 5days?

They had just finished setting out the first layer of tire. Funny how it gives you different perspective. I mean sure the geotextile already gave it a little sense of fashion but tires, a whole different level! A little compacting was left to do which Tobi and I took care of during lunch break for the others. Once everybody came back on site, well then, there was a lot of talking. I like to see that there are things that 10 people didn’t think of beforehand. I’m definitely learning a lot from this project of ours.

Talking about what should we level for the next 3hours the gravel to repair a default of 3cm. Talking about the LEPD setting, because the disposition will make more or less loss for LEPD…and as you know budget is not something we can just play with. 2 hours later we are still thinking and talking about it. Well in the mean time we did set another layer of geotextile to cover the gravel in order to protect the LEPD from any damage the rocks could do to the membrane.

AND THEN, (sorry I had to catch your attention :) ) then, something happened, something uncalled for, well not so uncalled for considering we live in a countryside…but still. Are you ready? Sorry I’m a girl and hence I must write about this! Sintija, one of the volunteers says “there’s a rabbit”. I first thought that it was just running past the site, but no, a baby rabbit got stuck in the well of the drain. Yovko picked it up we all had time to pat it…SO cute. Ok, fine, emotional moment over. But let’s not forget that the whole point of this project is to find better ways to be disconnected from “the grid” and more in sync with nature, so I saw today’s event like a good omen.

Today ended up with us giving up on the setting of the membrane today because 4 different options need to be analyzed to see which is the best fit for us, and that takes time to draw properly. We packed, I thought to myself that I would put a beeper to know who comes in and out of my cave, and we went home all with food in our minds, chores to do after dinner and hope that tomorrow will be the day where we pound the first tire. Don’t worry, I’ll take an emotional picture

Thanks for following :) Today’s sentence: “ more or less”






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