Day 17 – The first tire.

9:30am. The day starts with our fellow volunteers. The rest of the membrane is layed out as well as the geotextile. It’s a slow process as you know by now, because nothing is flat on our site. I keep thinking that people should have measurements drawn on their body in order to place stuff more quickly (“there you go, my leg is 75cm, thank you very much”)…

11am and the big moment has finally arrived. I know I make it seem like everything is a big moment, but we are talking about the tires now, the fundament of our project, and there it is, layed out, and getting pounded. I wasn’t on site myself so I couldn’t report the emotion of the moment. I asked the guys, Yovko and Tobi who were there, and well, you know guys and I quote “it went fine”. A bit disappointing when I’m supposed to write this diary 
Yovko is in a hurry to go to Velux pick up the skylights and leaves Tobi in charge of explaining to the volunteers how to properly pound. After half a tire of demonstration everybody had a good sense of how it should be done. The most annoying thing is to level them out together. Pounding itself is more of an exhaustion than anything else.
Now following Yovko’s and Darius’s journey to Velux; surprise surprise, the skylights are bigger than expected. Good thing we have spent the last 3 months asking for details…but I guess that’s as much as you can ask when you get things for free, so let’s not complain. In the mean time this means that only 3 skylights can fit in the trailer and the boys will have to go again tomorrow in the morning.

4pm on site. The sky looks bad, and after pounding 6 tires in the back wall, earthshippers call it a day, have a break with beers and cover up the site to be opened next day, when the weather allows it.
Things start to get a shape, people start getting habits, a system is perfecting itself.

Thanks for following :)1016626_389116431210035_484000481_n

Sentence of the day: Who knew it was a girl who would break the first sledge hammer!


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