Day 18- Rain man

9am. I wake up, trying to go to work, but still check Facebook and see Yovko’s message on our volunteer group. I had a doubt at that moment on Yovko’s ability to communicate. The message made no sense what so ever, so much that everybody understood that it was raining on site :). At least I don’t feel bad for not being there.

2pm and I make it on the site. Yovko is still annoyed on the weather because it didn’t even rain and we lost half a day. But the progress made in the afternoon is enough to counter the bitterness and we work in a good mood with plenty of ideas for clay sculpting.

Some people pound tires, while others put the DPM straight; others are on the top of the “hill” feeling like bosses (yes I was there too ^^) trying to even out the slope on the hill, making steps and a place for the wheal barrel to circulate.
I think we are still a good number to work easily around each other without bother. But our society can easily grow I am sure, with a common objective even the moon can be reached, right?

5pm and Sintyja made an apple pie as a sign of goodbye to us. She’s off to a deserved vacation and here I’d like to thank and say “until next time”. I truly do believe that every person who will ever set foot on our site, will be somehow curious and concerned of the outcome of our little entreprise.

5:30pm. Break is over, but little is left to do. Tonight is graduation night for many of us and the sky doesn’t look like it’s going to hold on much longer to what it wants to pour on Denmark.
We start by unsettling earth from the hill in the hope that it will dryer by tomorrow to continue pounding. We cover, and start cleaning around the site.
If you think of it, keeping a site clean is one of the most important things to do. For safety, for money (because you lose stuff then you have to buy them again and again and again…it’s already enough that Meldra breaks our sledge hammers :) ) and also for the looks of it. We know that our project attracks a lot of curious people; neighbors, companies, teachers and so on. I think because the project is being done by undergraduates that it’s important for us to show we can handle ourselves, and that is also achieved through a good sight of the site.

Thanks for following

Sentence of the day : “Yovko makes rain on site.”Site - 7


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