Day 19 – 2nd row

1st of July 2013
July is already here. Time flies by. I usually never have expectation because I think they are a waste of time. Expectations never go accordingly but our minds keep having them, without you choosing. Expectations. They made me imagine the work site differently, the work differently and the advancement differently. Today I look around and I see second row been set up. I see Georges going around and measure the levels. We are now in the part were, because the gravel base was more or less level, we are leveling more or less with tires. Choose different brands actually works. Quick description: tires are defined by 3 different numbers; width height and another number that I still haven’t figured out, put that number my friends is very important for somehow it will tell you if the rim of the said tire will expand more or less. Meaning when you have levels to reach you choose wisely the tire and you can pound it more and like that, one by one you can actually get 10cm back on an entire row.

Today nothing very eventful on site. Nonetheless it as the first day of summer school. Again, something that is for us time consuming and I am not sure how we can make this experience for them less physical. People come here and somehow didn’t expect to work on site so much.
Darius made a presentation of Building Tomorrow from the start and a tour was made between the site the cave and the storage. Nothing that you guys haven’t followed yet, so I’ll spare you  .

Later today 1st row was finished. DPM intact until now. 2nd row has been started and at this rate we are actually on schedule.

Questions start to rise now, like how can we compensate the changing of width of tires. We are going from 17inch to 16 and 15. As you know each tire needs to be half/half on top of each other so this is going to be tricky when getting to the round corners.

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “We’ll figure it out”



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