Day 20 – 2 shifts.


On this bright day, Denmark has offered us a nice weather, not too windy not too rainy and not too hot.

Summer school student are here and pounding their energy out. We are getting to know them little by little which helps us actually find what we should make them do during “class” hours, that will also count as a contingency plan in case of a rainy day.
A lot have knowledge about specific things like green roofs, details or management. Now Design team needs to come up with tasks for them.
In the mean time they are good workers and at 3 when “school” was over, the volunteers came and we could start a second shift.
That’s actually when I got in. Couldn’t be on site before and I’m lucky unlikely Yovko Janis Lachezar had to work through the two shift and I’m sure no one should have so much physical energy!!! 
But this new way of rotation is really good for the site because by 7pm 2nd row was done and 3rd row was set up and few of them were pounded.
I had a moment of real annoyment that I had no problem with share. My cave looked like a guy’s room. Yes I was the bitchy one today, just telling who ever wanted to hear that I did not understand how you could just leave stuff like that. A system they say? Whatever. I’m here now and can clean and tell what’s what.

Now it’s time to figure specific tasks for our volunteers and bed time everybody.

Thanks for following 

Sentence of the day: “do me”
context: I’m not strong enough to lift the stampers (to pound tires) let alone pound with it so I asked Stephan to do my tire…words got out of “mouth”

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