Day 21 – Summer school

8:30am. The weather is not at its best but we still decide to open the site.

9am. Some of the summer school people are tired from yesterday’s pounding. I guess they did not expect so much physical effort and between staying in an office or pound tires there is a huge difference. Some of the people are looking for more theory and for us that is a strain. We are only three engineers for site, which is the number we need. After a day on site it’s difficult to go home and make up courses for summer students, with explanation expectations and results. It would be nice to clone ourselves right now, have one body sleeping and the other one working!!

12pm. Summer school is out for lunch while some of us stay on site to continue what has been started. Row 3 is going well considering the temperature and the light rain that has been permanent since 9:30am.

1pm. I’m trying to lower the level of the dirt hill in order for our volunteers to be safe.
It’s now 1:30pm and I see a woman approaching me with a camera. There’s nothing more disturbing that knowing someone is filming you for national TV while you look like crap and dig a dirt hill with no apparent purpose. She asked me some questions and interviewed some of us with very specific questions. The amount of stress when you answer is just outstanding. I mean I have done many presentations but never have I thought a country would listen and many would see and hear the mistakes I made.
In the meantime summer school has been sent to school grounds with Yovko and Janis who are presenting the subjects that students can pick. I see in their eyes the relief of a promise of spending at least 3 hours in an office every day.
We are more and more realizing how much management is going to be time consuming. Planning. Planning is always a big part of a project. Being able to deal with problems when they show themselves is one thing but planning is of the highest importance. Who does what when.

3pm. School is out but our volunteers are here and the weather improved a little allowing us to continue 3rd row and start placing gravel on the inside face of the wall. Soon taping the rest of the DPM and that will be that, for the time being.

4:30pm and I can’t anymore, I need to pass out, but volunteers are ultra motivated.

6pm Janis comes banging on the car to wake me up for our daily meeting. I was dreaming that I was setting the ventilation system. Man I need a vacation :) !
We packed and called it a day, 3rd row is now finished, thank you volunteers for your good mood and efficiency!

Thanks for following

Sentence of the day: “The day I start dreaming about Building Tomorrow, I quit!”

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