Day 22 – a slow day of 9:30 hours on site

I thought I’d do something different today considering it’s been a slow day. Instead of doing a report of what happened I thought I’d write in details what I did through my day, because even during a slow day you’re busy.

I came on site at 8:30. Darius opened the container and left to get tires. I took out all the tools (wheel barrels, hammers and so on) outside. Plugged the electrical board and turned on the music. Overly tired I decided to fight my exhaustion with work, so I started filling up 2 wheel barel with earth that had fell the previous day on our “walking” path at the back.

Stephan got on site around 9:30 and announced we should be starting with gravel on the inside of the wall. By then two other volunteers had join us and the three guys started moving gravel. I on the other hand, after leveling some of the gravel, went on the dirt hill and moved some earth towards the bottom. Never simple to make “steps” on that hill for it to be practical….

Once I thought I had moved enough for today’s job I went in the “tire” storage zone and started sorting tires not only by their height but also by their width and ratio…Karina got on site by that time and helped me move tires inside the “working” area. Meanwhile Stephan had decided to take level measurements, so for a little while we were looking at which side of the wall was lower. Then the thinking part starts. The left part of the wall has a lot of gaps. We didn’t whether to keep the gaps or to look for bigger tires. The problem with bigger tires is that then you don’t have any flat surface, and for the insulation it will be a bother. We also had to manage to compensate 4cm from left to right, so the choice of the tires was critical. From now on tires should be sorted by height, width, ratio and brand because the rim are more or less flexible hence can be more or less pounded.

We had also the visit of Paul and Yoana from Solar decathlon, probably too bored in their own office and in desperate need of fresh air, with whom we chitchat a while and explained some of the working processes of our project.
By the time we found the right solution it was lunch time and I decided not to let myself starve until feeling like passing like the day before and went to eat.

It’s barely 40min later that I go back on site, tires are aligned and I decide to move some more earth from the dirt hill. Yovko is on site as well as Darius, but I press him to go get more tires, like an insatiable hunger ^^ Yovko screws the beginning of 4th row to the third (because we realize it prevents us from leveling the side constantly after pounded for a few minutes.) and I end the back and side. In the middle of that process I decide to go pound a bit of Yovko’s tire that he thought he had finished, to try and align it to Karina’s one that was much higher. Pounded on 4th row is telling us that very soon we will have to set up the scaffolding and with it some technicalities have to be solved. Yovko already left to join the summer school meeting with Inga, our dear supervisor, Janis and others from VIA and our own students.

By the time the four corners are done we decide with Stephan to measure again the heights… Darius is already back from the second excursion to the tires and some people from entrepreneurship are on site to visit. Lukas finished his tire and BAM, everything is level by 1cm only!!!! muhahaha, victory. It’s insane how little things can sometimes make you so happy!
Janis and Yovko were finally back on site and I went through some of our issues for the next few days, like what course should I prepare for summer school, and which tires to use for the foundation of the columns. Time for talking was done and I wanted to sort out the rest of the tires Darius brought back today as well as all the 215/16 by brand and blablabla, you know the drill  Barely a break to go get a piece of paper to count each of those new categories and only 3 of us were left on site. I started cleaning around, picking up different tools from around, and of course decided to go one last time on the dirt hill to move some more soil in the hope that it would dry out a bit by tomorrow morning.
That’s how a day ends, you put everything back, go around 3 times to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and you close, sit in your car and wish it was your bed and no distance had to be covered AND that your bed had an incorporated shower!!

Sorry for today’s length I thought this would be interesting to see almost in details ^^ a day on site with me. I’ll try to interview the rest of our team to give you different views throughout the construction…

Thanks for following

PS: I’d like to thank the volunteers for having a good mood and good habits on site, it helps so much at the end of the day, when you have a headache and that exhaustion is about to overwhelm you, to make sure you’re not forgetting anything…




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