Day 257: Catching up on lost time

Ok, so I have been slowing down lately, well fine, I have completely stopped writing to you guys and I feel terrible.

But on the bright side you are about to have to resume of your life 😉


Let’s talk about last spring, because as you know, since day 131 we took a break, a long winter break…! But spring started up early for us. No I wouldn’t be able to give you a precise date but then again I really don’t think it matters seeing how long ago it happened.

Janis, Yovko, Darius and I went to a Byggning Messe in Fredericia to jump back in the game with the best solutions in terms of building materials. Now let me tell that was an exhausting but wonderful day because it really boosted up the moral for the next steps that had to be made in the house. We spoke to over 40 companies there and many actually became sponsors to us. Walking in the fair felt like Christmas morning for all of us. Janis and I contemplated new was to insulate houses while Yovko looked at companies of green roofs and we would just send Darius to chat up the companies once we had our heart set on something. Of course we did not get everything we wished for, I mean I wanted a nail gun but my enthusiasm apparently scared the boys and they left me hanging in awe…! We were on a roll; working clothes and security shoes, wood for façade and flooring and walls and deck, tools and more tools…

Finally the day ended and we walked back to the train station to come back to lovely Horsens our heads filled with new ideas.

Tip, on our trip back we took the time to go through all the business cards that we had acquired during the fair and made notes. Sometimes through a BC it’s not always easy to remember what the company does exactly, or what we agreed with the representative and what was the feeling/vibe we got from them. So we went through 40 of them, marking smiley faces that would reminds us of the vibe, a clear construction material they offered and so on. Very useful for later.


Motivation was at its fullest but the weather was still quite chilly and so we came on site when the weather was clement to work on the still open house of ours. It was now that the details began. The floor and the walls and closing up around the skylights…And then one of those days it hit us: Standing underneath them we realize that we could only open 2 out of 3 of the skylights, which we already knew, but the opening skylights weren’t symmetrical that was just going to do it for neither Yovko or me. And so we started looking for plan B in which by then we are experts in. The real problem was that the day we put them in we hadn’t been paying attention to the particular wiring, and only after meeting Velux at the fair did we know that some of them worked with a 24V power input while the others worked through another engine that controlled all the units. The latest would unfortunately make us order other components that we had no time for. So our technical problem was that two skylights’ engine had to be switched.

Comes a lovely day announcing spring and we get some people on the roof to help out with two solutions in mind. First we simply switch the engines. That options was rapidly denied because the skylight that had the right engine could not be opened. No I’m not even kidding, we got a skylight with an engine and the only way to open said skylight was to take it off in order to be able to unscrew 3 screws on each side. Oh joy.

But we let that pass right through us and keep the morale and decide to start looking at the engine itself, to see how it opened and so on. But we couldn’t find a adapted source power on site so Yovko started disassembling the casing around the engine, and we manage to take off the pin that connect the window to the frame. We put the window up and see how the chain unfurls and one of the volunteers, George, pitches us this great idea to use the battery from the drill to trigger the engine. What happened next is simply the inexistent faith what-so-ever men have in women J We try the wires one way and the other and while everybody thinks it didn’t work, I’m the one saying I saw it moving!!! I couldn’t be really mad for them not believing me because I was the only one who wears glasses and after 10 min debate I actually started doubting myself until, BAM we shot the window down and guess what? : the chain was now out too much and we couldn’t set the fitting back to connect the frame to window.

If you are wondering, saying “I told you so” did feel pretty good, but in like most times like this, it did NOT fix our problem but simply add another to our list!

And so we go to options 2, switch the two skylights…you can imagine how happy I was about that one. I mean sure the two concerned skylights were on the edge but I wasn’t feeling like interchanging over 70kg skylights that particular day, in fact not any day at all! But strong men did the work, quite quickly may I, add and with no one falling off the roof witch was an added bonus J .


Ok, I think that’s enough for today, but I promise I’ll be back tomorrow with the rest 😉


Thanks for following J




Sentence of the skylight episode: “Don’t step there, there’s an empty space in the roof!”

Engineering work at its finest my friends ^^


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