Day 26 – Change of direction


Small update: last Friday row 4th was finished thanks to our AWESOME volunteers :)

For once we allowed ourselves a free weekend, so to speak, because we always think about our little baby, even though we are doing something else; Like “ hum this would be a great weather to pound right now”… which it was, but it’s nice to have a little break, it gives you perspective.

Today was a beautiful day, maybe too much of one. Nonetheless the drainage was cleared of its dirt poisoning and compromising the good usage of the pipe.

A Monday with a new direction, no pun intended on the boy band. It was decided that we should now focus on the back fill and the insulation, Isodrain and plaster for the first 4 rows. It will allow us to work on a lower height and preserve the drainage pipe as well as the surroundings of the house as we are more and more very day to walk that path.

In the meantime of that decision, the corners of the house were leveled and geotextilled/DPMed and tires were set and pounded. An exhaustive list makes it sound easy put today under the burning sun, nothing was a piece of cake, like the one we had in the “cave” :)

Darius, our walker, was sent on the mission of buying insulation for the walls, which acts complementary to the ISODRAIN board we already acquired.

Tobias and Adam went to Silkeborg to acquire some saw dust to mix with the plaster tomorrow. This will act as a glue, easier to set into place and preventing it from falling afterwards (if well done) between the insulation and tires.

Personally I have a busy night ahead of me, but I am grateful I only spent 2hours on site and escaped the sunburn the rest of the earthshippers got today.

Thanks for following :)


“Who knew you could get sunburn in summer!”

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