Day 27 – “ I don’t let go. I’m a man” (Adam)


8:30am I’m early and ready. It’s a beautiful day, weather channel did not kid us about the good weather 

9am and just few volunteers show, Michel and Lukas are dedicated to pounding the side of the house, where we finished setting the DPM and geotextile.

We set up the new plastering station, tried to find a spot that would satisfy not only the need in clay but also in water and shade.

Later I go account for tires that I could use for foundation of the columns. Takes a while to drag them from their storage to final destination. It’s warm not even 11am and sunscreen is something I want everybody putting on often.

12:45pm.With Yovko we set out where the tires should be, allowing us to set the left side of the house with the tires. Sarunas is eager to pound and the right side is already occupied by Michel and Lukas. Setting the string was actually a lot quite funny. I had scissors and post its and tape and pen, which I found out later on that it didn’t work. The goal was to tape where the tires should be on the wires that were set up. But for that you needed two sets of hands, one to hold the measuring tape to the first mark and another to put the pink post it, then leave the measuring tape on the ground and take the tape and give a piece to the other. Couldn’t count on Yovko that couldn’t handle writing the mark, whole not moving, until I would come with tape, but looking at the situation none of us could prevent from laughing. I mean just writing it feels like we are dummies on site trying to do something that should be easy had we had the right tools for it .

1pm. After a fast lunch under the shade of the cave, we decide to try out the plaster. Nothing of what I have read the night before comforts me in doing this, but, I think the clay is a good mixture of clay, slits and sand, even though I had only 4 hours to the test.

The first mix is 1 wheel barrel of saw dust 1 ½ WB of clay and 20 litters of water. The first patch is placed directly into the container, we mix the saw dust and clay before the water with the electric mixer, which makes Yovko as happy as a kid on Christmas day. We add the water. Mixing is quite difficult so I tell Yovko that the easiest would actually be to step on it. But then Karina is there and wants to join Yovko in the mud pool. Stepping for 20min really gave it a firm texture and we try it out on the wall. I thought it would take the 3 girls a while, boy was I wrong, 20 min later nothing of the first batch was left. Then again I could have thought of that myself seeing the depth that we have to cover in between each tire.

So for the rest of the afternoon I was on mixing duty. By then I decide that making it manually is way too long and take Adam with me to the storage to get a concrete mixer from school. Adam almost lost an arm because we lifted the mixer too much and it went out of balance dragging us up and Adam wouldn’t let go . We finally drag the machine back to us, clear the concrete out of it, and then plug it in. A little piece of advice, when you spend more than 2 min cleaning something, make sure it works before doing so! But Joachim and Lukas are there and fixed the machine up (machines don’t like me in general…) and so we drag the mixer closer to the mud tank and started mixing until the end of the night. We made 2 more for the next morning adding just a little more water…something I’m not fond of.

I need to work on that mixture for the inside. Let’s wait until tomorrow to see how is it, if it cracks a lot and if it sticks to the wall still.

6pm sunburns, sunburns everywhere; time to call it a day. I have lectures to prepare for the next morning and I NEED a shower.

Thanks for following.


Sentence of the day: “ I don’t let go. I’m a man” Adam

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