Day 28 – Friland


8:50am. It’s morning and most of us overslept. Sun is something that gives you energy but also takes it away just as easily.

The morning is made of pounding, yes, good old pounding, and plastering. The 2 batches that were made the day before dried a little bit but a small addition of water and mixer makes as new. I still want to research how do people prepare their plaster 12h before saying it’s better without having it dry. Or maybe they want it dry, dunno; when I have the answer I will gladly share it with you.

1pm. Lectures went by just fine, and after lunch break, summer school, some volunteers and the engineers of our little design team are going to a little trip to friland. This is without a doubt a very very interesting trip! I strongly advise you all to check out their website, and take the time to watch the movie. But to sum up Friland is a piece of land that was bought by 14 people that had in mind the gathering of people sharing the same ideas. It’s far from being a community where they have to do everything together, they are more like good neighbors. All the houses there are sustainable and for most, self-sustained. Each house is built according to the owners wish as long as it follows the sustainable principle.  That’s what makes it interesting because each of the houses have different systems like making hot water with a homemade thermal wall made out of cans circling a copper pipe, or dealing with grey water through plants.

We also had the chance to see a straw bale load bearing house under construction. 1 ½ months for the foundation (because they have a job also) and 10 days only to set out the bales after.

I could go on for a little while as you may know, but it’s better for you to check it out yourselves. I will tell you this though, it is nice to see that we can do it. To see that others have thought of it before, it brings a sense of comfort, what you are doing today matters, all of it matters. And whether you’re in it for the money or the pure principle, both are going to “pay” off.

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