Day 29 – Insulation


The days go by and the weather stays our unpredictable friend. 6th day of sun; I keep remembering those pessimistic people that would say summer in DK is only made out of 2 weeks. Start your prayers because we need it until of august :)

Today is the day we test the insulation on top of the plaster just set and smoothened out. Of course this actually requires to first take out the gravel or potential plaster that never made it to the wall, in the trench on the DPM. It requires patience, the membrane is not easy to deal with by itself let alone when 4 layers of pounded tires lay on top of it.
This plaster thing is taking a while, but is actually going faster then what I expected. Barely time to do a new batch that bam, people already set it out on the wall 

The corners are on their way of being done, thanks to dedication of Lukas, Michael, Sarunas and others :)

Tomorrow is set on fixing the rest of the Isodrain and gravel. We’ll see how that goes 😉

Thanks for following

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