Day 291: How we got our wind turbine and tried one of the best beers

After the fair in Fredericia we set out to go to the New energy conference in Germany. We made a weekend out of it and so the trip started in Horsens with Yovko Darius and I setting off to Vejle to rent a car and after an hour doing paperwork we set out to pick up Janis in Fredericia and go straight to the fair.

3 hours later we make it after a smooth ride, we get our passes to the fair, check in our coats and set off for a tour.

Everything seems more then interesting, 3 halls filled with materials and mostly wind turbines and solar panels companies. We opted for a first walk through and then start the marketeering.

There is a sense of hope we you go to those fairs, where you realize that you’re not alone in wanted to change the world and making it a better place. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of corporates and we were not welcomed as we wished everywhere but it was a very successful day for us after meeting Turbina which is a German/Danish company which showed interest in our project!

Our spirits were high on our way back to the youth motel, knowing that we had landed a great company like Turbina who incidentally had the most efficient and prettiest wind turbines on the fair.

Later that night we went out for dinner, and boy do German have good beer. On this note I’ll stop for some things should stay between the four of us forever, but I’ll tell you this much: the Sleeping with 3 snoring like huge elephants in one room is not easy… so let’s just leave at that ^^

The days that followed were also very fulfilling, not particularly on site but rather in the office with all the goodies we got from the sponsors. An entire working wardrobe including security shoes from Helly Hansen Workwear and all the kitchen modules from VOLA.

Winter was still in if you know what I mean and so it was mostly walking around school, trying to make arrangements and get everything ready for when we started again officially. Meetings here and there so nothing very exciting if you ask me, now if you ask Darius there might be another answer altogether but I’m the one writing this so :)

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