Day 30 – Gravel in, gravel out, gravel in, wait what?

9am. Everybody looks tired, but TGIF right?! Today shouldn’t have been that bad, and yet at the end of the day half of the volunteers said jokingly “I’ll never do this again. I swear, I’ll quit”.

1st I would like to point out the funny in that statement that is, you cannot quit Building tomorrow. Once you tasted it, you never go back! 2nd I never thought that people would rather pound tires than simply moving gravel!! But then again, in order for you to make your own opinion about the subject I should first start by telling you what happened :)

It all started because some of the gravel needed to be removed to be able to level the insulation. By then thoughts were lost in translation and people starting fixing the drain behind with the right amount of gravel. The thought that got lost in translation was that after insulation comes Isodrain. By then it was too late and they had to take out the gravel to level the Isodrain and place it AGAIN to fix the drain :) I personally wasn’t there but I think I would have laughed for a little while before getting really annoyed. That’s how you know people are tired and they should take a break

Details. Details are always the worst. Not only they take time, but also by definition they are meant to be forgotten. The problem is that in the definition of the word there is no mentioning what so ever of the words like “critical”, “massive importance”, “something not to forget” or “of consequence” and so on :)
Today was an achievement. If we were looking to have only half a house we’d be done now ^^ ahah, sorry, I’m a sucker for my own jokes, though I do realize they are often more funny in my mind then outloud shared with the world :)

Anyways, I’d like on the behalf of the Design team to thank the volunteers that I now also consider as earthshippers. Their energy and optimism means more than they know, their patience is flawless and their understanding quick and reliable. Those are the qualities everyone should have surrounding them when starting such an adventure. So thank you.

In the same matter some of us came up with an idea that each person who ever worked on site should leave us an object that will be implemented somehow in the inside of the house. So if you ever came here and already left, please contact us and send something you’d like to share with the house you help built.
A great thank you to Michael and Nina for whom it was the last day, but the project seduced them and they will for sure be back in august :)

Thanks for following

Sentence of the day: “no thoughts for today”.
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