Day 301: Connecting the gutters to the water tank



So now it’s a matter of digging what we buried. Nothing morbid, I mean we did have some volunteers that disappeared but not on our account ^^, that I now of :)

More seriously the thing was a bit tricky with the slope, not really easy to dig. We got to a point were being a “person of petite shape” would have been very useful. Darius was doing most of the digging on his knees which as you may imagine brought many jokes up – what doesn’t with us, right? –       That took a whole and after that it was time to find the right fittings to be able to do the right turns here and there to do a left turn with a 26° down slope followed be a straight of 2 m 49° slope and 45° downwards straight 20cm, right 11°, straight 12cm, right 11°… and treasure found!

With all the soil around it’s not easy to get the connection clean. For the spray glue to be efficient you need to have a clean surface on both ends you want to glue, and that easier said than done when you work in a trench of 80cm depth and 30cm wide.


Grey’s anatomy moment with Yovko followed after lunch. It was time to cut the surplus of DPM so that it went in the gutter to be later pinched by the top grill. Again easier said than done considering the tight space and the slope. Can’t go to quickly because the cutter might actually slip and you end up going too far. Precision just like surgery :) We would trade places with Yovko now and then when cutting was too demanding or holding the various layers of the green roof was annoying. Tools kept being lost here and there, mostly hiding underneath the folds of geotextile and we ended up switching names of our tools for surgeons instruments – “scalpel Dererck” –

4 back and forth later, the cuts were done and the roof was officially finished. And by that I mean we still had stuff to do on it, like putting the flashings around the skylights and the facades; but you hold on to whatever makes you continue, right ^^


The following day it poured rain from another world, at least for DK, and in one night the tank of 1000L was already ¾ full!!!!


Thanks for following :)




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