Day 303: Connecting exhaust water to the outside drainage

Something we could have thought of before was how the bloody hell the water going to get out of the house? We know that the water from the sink goes into the planters and and the water from the irrigation from the green wall and the planters needs to get out of the house as well. Only in order not to use a pump you need a natural slope that is enough not only in the planters but as well as the pipe that goes out. Meaning we have to dig out gravel from both inside and out to reach a certain depth. Now imagine that the entrance side of the house has from the outside in gravel/Isodrain/geotextile/DPM/insulation/OSB/gravel in width. But last autumn I had the wonderfull idea of making a concrete slab of 7cm thick and 50 wide along the entrance wall to later support the door frame and so on. Now imagine digging underneath said slab to reach the OSB board… yes, a huge pain in my butt. Yoanna is game and doesn’t give up, even though gravel keeps falling in her hole, a never ending task, or so it seemed. I reach the depth wanted and the fun starts.


That morning I went to AO, shop that I have come to dread because they never put price tags and you always end up with a surprise when you get to the register. That day I bought a toll for 500dkk which made me feel terrible because it would be a one-time use of tool, but then again, we are going to plate vibrate everything inside the house in a few days and I can’t buy time, unlike tools. It’s those hole saw thingy that goes through wood/drywall and so on. It has a rim of about 5cm so imagine the amount of times I had to stop and take out the Isodrain, insulation and so on until I hit the OSB board. Then the fun really started. In a crouched position inside my gravel hole on the outside of the house I was trying to drill through OSB that had been soaked with water for almost a year :) ! plus the drill wasn’t all that powerful and I ended up without any battery which made me lose another 2 hours to wait for it to charge, switching between two batteries that would never have time to fully charge. Line was with me, making fun of me and my position and the general situation which made me smile and prevented me from going to full insane mode and lose it for good. Patience, never enough of that on site!

Once that part was done I had to drill through the plastic well with ripples of 3cm, so again very difficult considering the position I was in to drill.

Success, I finally get the pipe through the “wall” and inside the well, at which point I opened the top of it and unfortunately lost one of the screws inside the well…never mind, I’ll fix that later. I put the pipe through and start blocking it here and there so I can make a water test. Set, we put all the gravel back.

Now, fixing my screw problem. By the looks of it I wouldn’t be able once inside to crouch in order to get to the screw so the best solution was to send Yoanna in. 1,56m skinny Yoanna. Took some convincing, but once I agreed not to put her upside down inside the well she was willing enough to go down there.

Close the well, with her inside; no just kidding, she would’ve killed me for just mentioning it! Another task done, another day gone by.


Thanks for following :)



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