Day 309: The tennis court

9am and both Darius and I are on site, ready to level the s**t out of the floors. This is the first time we are doing this, like everything in the house one might argue, it’s just that this particular task seemed like a no brainer and yet ended up one of the things that had 5 techniques tried on.


So the first thing we did is try to spread the sand with a shovel. We were not expecting this to level but simply spread in a more balanced way the sand. Deemed too long. Then we took one of the left over beams that was bought to go under the façade glazing – 5m long- place it at the end of the house and drag the sand out. Well that was really not efficient. Darius and I did not have the pulling force which meant that his side would sink in more than mine and really do you know how hard it is to level when 2 of the 4 hands doing the job aren’t yours. Too complex for the master of leveling here. Plus, the beam was too long to fit in the other axe of the house!

Then I joked about being on a tennis court and Darius went along and said “why not?”. Headed outside to out pile of used wood (if there is such thing as used wood ^^) we found a piece that hadn’t suffered as much as the rest  drilled two screws to it and attached the string to it. Excited we go back inside and Darius starts walking around. What a joke. The sand was still quite wet hence heavy and the 4cm/2cm piece of wood not nearly close to being heavy enough to drag sand around. Out we go again, this time looking for other pieces to screw to the first one. Engineering at its best, as usual :) 3 pieces later we head back inside, fight our nemesis ^^. Darius start walking around again. I was just sitting making conversation, which turned out to very philosophical. There must be some true to the relaxation techniques used by Japanese where you sort of rake sand around stones and such.

10 minutes go by, and another 10, and I’m not happy with the result. Sand still seems to not compact in between all the weird shapes of the gravel underneath so we move on to implementing another technique now known as the penguin technique. You might have guessed what we did next. Darius at one corner, me at the other, walking like penguins and leaving our foot prints as we walked in miniatures steps. Then we went back to the tennis court raking device for another 30 minutes or so which led us nowhere, again.


After lunch it was time for yet another new technique, the you go on your knees with a leveler and start raking technique. Finally something that was satisfying me, nevertheless not an easy job. Darius and I stared from the middle of the back wall and started dragging sand, crossing the leveler so many times to have something as flat as possible in any direction.  Once we had finished about a line of 1,4m we wanted to check out if we did do a good job. We had the amazing idea of placing the first beam on top of the sand just to see if it where level on a long distance. It was but it also undid our labor where we placed the beam… what was I thinking?! Repair the damage and decide to place insulation boards of 1,20m by 1,20m and then pace the beam on top of it: level … me happy. But now that the insulation was on, we only had less than 20cm of sand as reference point so …take off the insulation we did and wisdom we got :)


In a long process of leveling 2,4m at a time, then placing insulation then doing 1,3m of leveling then insulation and so on, we advance until the main room was almost done. By then the day was coming to an end.


Thanks for following :)




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