Day 310: Dry sand VS wet sand.

So today for a short episode I just wanted to share with you guys this piece of experience for those of you who didn’t know or didn’t suspect.

day 310

Back on site and we have around the tires of the foundation for the “glass” wall between the two rooms to go around and finish the buffer zone. Easier said than done. While we might have gotten the hang of leveling yesterday with Darius, today the challenge is that, first the leveling tool does not fit in between two foundations set and that the sand dried.

See the thing is that while the sand is wet/humid, the water molecules act as a glue in between each speck of sand, making it almost like a dough. But once the sand is dry, all hell breaks loose and each speck of sand acts as a separate entity. Not only the friction disappears but the sand is of course much lighter, and the force you used the day before to move sand around is ten times the amount needed to move the same amount around. This takes some getting used to. Now each of your mistake is set in sand and the more you try to fix it the worse it gets.


There is that and there is also the fact that you are no longer working with a wide level plan, but just 50cm at a time, your surface of reference being reduced it becomes much harder to pinpoint the exact level to be reached.


So my advice is, don’t be worried to move the sand around a lot before starting, the humidity contained in the lower level will help. Lose some time to gain some time J


After a day we finally managed to get to the entrance, will all the boards in, missing only the few very technical cuts around the tires, and by technical I mean “patience cuts, cuz none of the tires are the bloody same size so it’s not like you can measure stuff anyways, so take a cutter, cut one side, flip the board cut the other side, get annoyed because you didn’t cut perpendicularly to the board, suck it up and start again!” … :)


Thanks for following :)




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