Day 316: Planter time

During the weekend and over the past few days, after we have decided on a new course of action for the planters it was now time for me to draw the new planters in order to know how much materials to buy. And so I installed the latest AutoCAD on my computer. Boy that was a mistake. The time it took me to make the program work (I have a bad mojo when it comes to computer if you didn’t already know …) was 4 times longer than it took me to draw it by hand and calculate everything with my calculator.


















Finally on site with everything I need, including the now roughed out piece of paper with my calculations and drawings. Nothing very complex here. A 15m long planter with a 1% slope and two corners. 500mm wide and a maximum depth of 270mm. OSB boards and some 2/4 wood. I have to say that at first we were all so careful on how we stepped on the insulation inside the house, shoes off and light steps, as if on the moon. Time went by and who has time for that. Cut the boards inside the house is much faster and safer if I may say so, seeing that well rainy days are a constant here ☺
















Eventually, actually exactly after lunch break and at the second corner, I had a major crises of dyslexia and suddenly my own calculations made no sense what so ever. I sit down, look them over, start from scratch, nothing works, I finally give up and ask Yovko to take a look. 30min later he has reached the same numbers as I have, just I was imagining the level upside down and got confused… no comment on that one, thank you ☺ The wood part being over, other things need to be considered: putting something underneath the planters so the OSB doesn’t sag, and add the DPM and well as geotextile, a drainage pipe connecting to the drainage done couple of weeks ago and the ventilation pipe that will be placed inside the planter and will later be known as “the fucked up corner” ^^ . Add some muffas here and there and that’s that for the planter, at least for the time being.

Thanks for following ☺ Audrey

Sentence of the day: “I lost it” … “What?” …”I don’t know, but I lost it” …



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