Day 33 Backfill

This weekend we had the honor of sharing a day on site with Earthship Denmark who came over to lend us a hand. Unfortunately for them there wasn’t a lot for them to do apart backfill. After a presentation of our systems, some of them still insisted on pounding a tire, never done the activity if may say, before. It was funny to see an “older” version of ourselves some came with their wives and we had the first baby on site ever. (I mean not on site on site, security would have closed our little enterprise ^^ ). They will be coming back for most of them in August to help out and see how we are doing.

But lets get back to business :)
This Monday, well, backfill was continued. In the “lost in translation” section I give to you the bad fitting of the geogrid (membrane meant to act as a “sand bag” for the soil outside the house on the side). Nothing that is of real bother, but yet, we’ll pay more attention to it next layer that is for sure.

I would also like to welcome the two newest members of our little family, Angela and Javier who travelled from Spain to join the project. A bit shy a first but they got around pounding tires from 5th row quite well.

A new routine has installed itself on site, now we eat together for lunch on the table that Inga as nicely lent to us :)

In case you’re wondering, which I know you’re not, but I still have to brag about it, I had to clean to container from A to Z…. no comment there, well I just did, but neverthemind 😉

Anyways, it was kind of a slow for volunteers, a lot of things to figure out, foundation’s position, and layout of pipe according to the real levels on site, shafts for ventilation and water inlet, and insulation repartition now that we have done other changes to the structure. Yes, we did spend the entire Sunday in the office going through what was going to happen next and what “material” we were missing. I spent the day running around trying to find something to do for everybody, but no worries, we always have a thing or two to do ^^ wait: hahahahahahahah!

Thanks for following :)

Sentence: “New measuring scale is up: 20cm in between my niples!”
And no it was not a girl but Lachezar! 😉

Screen Shot 2013-07-17 at 9.04.23 AM


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