Day 336: Brolæggergrus

It’s been a while, but I have been splitting my time with other workshops. But what I can tell you is that for the inside of the house, brolæggergrus has been chosen. It’s like sand with clay and small gravel – 0-8mm – and it’s something that I saw being used in one of the house in Friland. So thank you guys for the tip it was very useful.





Of course ordering it was just as usual, a phone call from Yovko saying that the transport company is ready to go but they need to know how much of it we want, and I’m in the house, looking blankly around me, thinking of what tools could help me be super efficient. Let me remind you that it’s BT, so of course nothing could help me. Take out the calculator, also known as my phone and start multiplying numbers out of the top of my mind. I think 12 cubic meters is enough, but might as well do 16, because, well again, experience has shown me that this house has the magical yet very real capacity to gorge itself with whatever material we feed it with… J plus it’s the capacity of the truck!

Anyways this brolæggergrus has the capacity of being very sandy like when wet but as hard as concrete once it’s dry. Perfect for our needs, around 25cm of it should act as thermal mass for the future floor heating.

After wheal barreling the entire place, it’s now time to plate vibrate it! This time it wasn’t me who went to pick it up, but the same thing happened to them, and unlucky the vibrator went through the seat. I’m sure you never thought you would read this on a construction blog ^^…

The worst part is waiting for it to dry, not much you can do about that that, so you compact and wait.

But this is where I leave for now. I’m going away for a while, but I’ll be back J

In the meantime, take good care and stay tuned, our facebook page will continue to be updated regardless of my departure!!!

Thanks for following J






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