Day 34 Volunteer power

9am.After a very short night I was on site, ready to do my lecture for the second term of summer school. It’s a bit chilly but nothing that would be insufferable once you start shovelling :)
Lukas shows up, on time as usual and after a hug for his birthday the day start officially with the opening of the container.

Today on schedule we have 5th row on the making and back fill.

10am and I just finished the lecture. Only 5 student came to the “lecture”… Now I see how frustrated a teacher can get when you’re late or don’t even bother showing up. But to my surprise most of them want to go on site and help out. Who am I to say no to that? So hop, a quick massage to Yovko, who got some really rough spots on his back, change of clothes and on site I go. Many small details to do, but the one I thought would be a 2hours done deal ended up being a 5:30h long activity: backfill for the right side of the house. I lost count of many wheel barrels we added there but it seemed endless!!!

In the meantime 5 girls pounded 2 tires, with Lukas 5! It was his birthday gift from us :)

12pm and Lukas girlfriend is telling us to keep everybody on site, one problem, we already sent everybody to lunch, but the good news is that we get to get cake for desert. So once again we eat together waiting cheerfully for 20 min for Lukas to come back for us to jump on the cake. Sugar rush in action we all go back on site, pumped up to 130% (I know it’s very specific, but 20% could come from not having to dump wheel barrels and the other 50% from just finishing the house. Yes I’m just realizing how bored most of us are going to be after this project f ours is done!! :) )

16:30pm and people are leaving one by one, dropped out like flies. I don’t blame them. Nonetheless we managed to do, if I may say, a flat backfill just at the right level.

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “It’s a highway :)”



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