Day 37 Setting out foundations


So I know I’ve let you down for a few days now. As the construction goes, less energy at the end of the day. But nonetheless let me give you a quick sum up of what happened during the week:

Wednesday morning after a lecture about straw bale houses for the summer school students, they had some time to actually help out on site and at 1pm most of us went to Friland where we got a tour by a different person who happens to be an architect and has been living in Friland since 2007.

Thursday, well Thursday we reached the level we wanted for the backfill. It is incredible how fast we are filling our ditch and how quick the dirt hill is going down. So much actually that we were scared that there’s not going to be enough for pounding tires and decided to do the rest of the backfilling (whenever that comes) with scrap soil (the first 20cm of soil that was taken off at the beginning).
By then it was also time to build the casing for the shafts in the walls that will later allow us to fit the ventilation (both mechanical and natural) as well as the water pipes. And so after lunch I begin to collect wood around measure the shafts and got to the point where I went into the cave to take the saw: surprise surprise, the saw was not only small but had the tiniest dents…yes you guess it, it took quite a while to cut 20 poor pieces of wood. By that time I had already given the assignment to Andrei who took 1 day off just to come and help out. In the mean time I had to check with the student what did they need to do their plaster the next morning and go shopping for different things like cement, gypsum, hydraulic lime and of course a competent saw :)
It is incredible the amount of time you can spend shopping. In between the time it takes to find what you want, ask for professional advice, let them try to explain in English what they only know how to explain in Danigh… :) But the funniest part is that when you go into a hardware shop as a girl, guys just think you’re a joke. For instance I go into one shop and ask for cement. I was specific, I asked cement, not concrete mixing. The gentleman shows me a 25kg bag which I come 2min later to pick up; by that time I could feel sand and small gravel inside the bag, so I go back to the guy and ask:is this cement, and his answer was no… I look at him, smile and ask can I please have cement. You should have seen the look on his face :)
Anyways. Casing are done, let’s see if they can withstand the constant vibration of pounding. Challenge accepted :)

8:30 am I’m on site, trying to figure a spot for the students to do the study wall of plaster. Look at the well.
9am and people start showing up. Today is pounding.

Stephan who figure out how to work the total station sets out the inner and outer columns foundations with the help of Javier. By the end of the day I stayed with Stephan to choose the right tires after checking one more time for the heights. Not an easy job to do with one exhausted guy and a dyslexic girl :) but we made it and by 6pm the foundation were all laid out.

End of the day, the back part of the house is almost level, 5th row is done, meaning we need to set the scaffolding on Monday, the well is fixed and we now know were the tanks for rain water and filtered water go, their level, same goes for ventilation.

Bad news: The wood can not be delivered when we want, so either we find another company, either we change the strength class of the wood we choose to work with which means more calculations…

Coming up next week: pounding tires!!!! We would like for the wall to be done the 2nd of August allowing us to profit from the expertise of a carpenter who will come on site on the 4th. Hope we can make it; you know the drill, keep you’re fingers crossed and hope for the best :)
Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “wait, wait, let me think, I can’t think out loud” Stephan



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