Day 40 Scaffolding

9am. Volunteers are surviving this epic adventure, working through 30°C under the sun if not more. Not even 10 and the sun is high making pounding a bit more exhausting then usual. 7th row is on it’s way, 6 more to go on the back.

11am. Lachezar and Darius are setting up the scaffolding. The height has now become too much of a hassle and pounding would be dangerous for our team of superpounders :) I still think we should’ve put gravel first inside so that we don’t need to remove the scaffolding. But you know men; they like doing an action in 3 or 4 shots instead of one. I rather not argue anymore, it’s their time they are wasting energy most of all 😀 .

12pm. It’s time to cut and staple little pieces of DPM on the bottom of each column. This will prevent the concrete that is to be poured later on from getting its water soaking by the geotextile that is on bottom of the “foundations”. The sun is not helping, who knew black plastic sheets could get SO warm so quickly.

1pm and volunteers’ and our break is over back to pounding while I take a break. Not really a break, since the bad news from Friday we need to recalculate the section for the roof and columns so they can be resistant even under a Class 18MPA (T1 in DK). Well we had to work around the eurocode 5. No rules were broken, but we did a more accurate assessment of the loads on each beam and column. The aim is to place the order ASAP to get a delivery soon. Vacation time is not going to help us on this.

3pm. I’m screwing the tires for foundations together, of course the drill is lacking battery and I have to wait, but there are other things to do here on site as you may imagine.

It’s the end of the day. Sun has gotten the best of us and it’s now time to fill up bottles of water in prevision of the next day. Fresh water is always nice… remember to put the drill on charge, close the doors and sent Lachezar and Tobi get us more tires for the other layers that will start tomorrow…

Ohh we also got the pipe for the ventilation: Janis’ Christmas present :)

Thanks for following :)

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