Day 41 Gravel –hahahaha gravel :) Joking times


8am. I’m on site and decide to give people a little hint about what’s going to happen today, at least this morning. So I open the cave, take everything out, set the music, and take the 5 wheel barrels out and fill them up with gravel. As Lachezar calls it: my morning workout. Set out the leveling instrument, look at the floor levels to see until where we have to add gravel. Disassemble the scaffolding.

9am. Volunteers come and we start a 3hour task of moving and leveling gravel.
It’s lunch breaks and a huge doubt comes over me. Is that the real level for gravel. I stop Janis on his way back from lunch and ask. I have told this in previous “journals”, haste. NEVER be in a haste, it will not serve you right. Today in our haste we forgot to count the insulation boards on top of the gravel, hence we put 10cm more than what we should have… Know they are compacted :) But to be honest it’s not 10cm, more like 5 because we had to reach the highest point of geotextile in the middle which is anyways 5cm higher than it should actually be… Janis is really annoyed, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The way I see it you have 2 choices, either you spend time being angry about stuff, either you put that time and energy to repairing what you did without loosing patience. But right then it didn’t matter.
1pm. Volunteers go back to 7th layer, almost to be done with. We still have enough 215mm tires to do 8th layer but after that, seeing the availability of this size, we will have to switch to 205mm. We are going to lose 10 cm per row, but that’s ok, it means 1 more row and we are still in the number we had first predicted.

3pm. With Sona, our youngest one, we set out the boards on the front of the front foundation. This will prevent the insulation boards to bend in or out considering the boards are 1.2m or 0.6m wide and the distance between each foundation is 1.5m. Not an easy task. The boards are supposed to be 5cm above the tire level, but once you screw one board to the tire the foundation tends to crush it itself making leveling impossible. Each foundation crushing differently considering the difference of tires and so on.

5pm and we call it a day. Row 7 is done.
I stay in along with Design team, other calculations and things to think about. It’s 6 and I decide the sun is low enough that I can do concrete for the end of the walls. It’s the place where the last tire is, since they’re all set like bricks, it means that we have half a tire space with nothing that needs to be filled in. I put on gloves and a mask for cement and hydraulic lime are VERY corrosive and I set myself to do what I thought would be enough for one hole… It’s 8 and I really don’t feel like doing one more batch but like taking a shower, I’ll continue tomorrow :)

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: Darius: ”why is the scafoling out?”
-Janis: “Don’t know, when we came it was already out!”
-Darius: “who do you think did that?”
-Lachezar: “I don’t know”
-Janis: “maybe school did it so that kids wouldn’t hurt themselves.”
-Darius: “That’s sound like something school would do. Maybe I should call Schilling”
-Me: “Dude we’re kidding, we have been here for an hour 😀 ”



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