Day 42 – Placing Insulation

First of all I would like to apologize to the readers for the grammar and spelling mistakes I make, but I know you are patient people that understand I usually do this after a day on site and as inspiration comes, fatigue also kicks in… :)

8am. Time for the second batch of my mixture of magical concrete. It’s nice to work early in the morning, temperature is just what you need. But as it went I barely had any time to set out the tools, music and other that Janis joins me and we decide to measure the level of the 7th row and look for tires. Now we only have enough 215s to make one more row, meaning 9th will be 205s.

9am. Location: storage. Action: sorting out tires. As time passes by we all became pro’s at recognizing tires :) makes life easier. Volunteers arrive and start placing tire. Our dear Lukas starts setting them out and screwing them, so to speak 😀

It’s time to run around. I’ve been doing a lot of that lately and my body is not appreciating it as much as pure physical effort.
I finally get the time to do my concrete, set it in and realize that one more that I made too little concrete compared to what I needed, such a disappointment. But it’s getting too warm and I have other things to do than concrete.

1pm. Everybody is back and the pounding is on good way. What a good job few people can do! This will always amaze me . Other than the usual pounding, Janis is setting out the insulation on the outside South façade of the house. With the membranes up everything looks so much better :)

4pm. It’s still warm, too warm and the weather forecast for tomorrow is bad. Rain from 6 to 9am if not more. It’s time to go around and find the covers and go back to what we know: cover tires, soil and foundations. The lack of practice unfortunately makes this simple task take 2 hours. Janis is about to lose it when he checks the weather one last time, and now it’s saying that it won’t rain…
Never mind, it’s done, and it’s time to go home.

Thanks for following :)

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