Day 43 – Moody Denmark

8am. I woke up to the sound of soft rain. It’s with worry that I go to the site, wondering if the rain will actually stop or not by 9.

9am. The volunteers are here, so is the rain which stays like an uninvited burden. Nonetheless we set out to start working. Row 9 is almost done and Lukas, the super-pounder, has no intention of letting some rain bother him. And so we unfold part by part, looking where tires are left unpounded.
There’s still some parts where we are missing insulation but with even the little rain we don’t want to risk to uncover the insulation or try to glue 2 pieces of DPM together. Nothing much I can do, frustration comes and lunch time outbreak heavier rain than sends everybody home for lunch early.

1pm and rain stopped. It looks like the weather is going to improve.
Volunteers didn’t mind and even finished the 8th row before lunch, leaving 6 people to go and sort out the 205s and Lukas and Javier on site measuring the level of 8th row. In case you’re wondering and I haven’t explained the purpose of measuring each row’s height, it’s because depending on the tire’s brand, they can expand (especially in height) more or less (our favorite saying here on site). Hence each time you finish a row it is necessary to check the height. With that information you then pick tires according to their brand to get higher or lower, hence the sorting out of tires by brand, size and width.
We have a new baby around: brand new drill. Joachim took all his tools yesterday because he is moving away to the US and left us bereft of a drill that will be greatly missed. Of course we will miss Joachim too 😀 .No I’m kidding! The new one is better! It has 2 batteries!!!! No more running out of power hahahahahha. (Yes small things matter…a LOT :) )
You know the drill by now (no, not the tool, try to follow please 😉 ), we screw the tires and start pounding.

3pm and the weather is nice and no longer threatening. It’s time to the rest of the DPM and geotextile and insulation.

6pm. We call it a day. Refreshing beer in good company and everybody off to bed :)

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “Oh we know how to clean. It’s not dirty because we don’t know how to clean, it’s because we are aware there is no time” Audrey

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