Day 44 – Graduation day for the second term of summer school

Readers like you may forget that in parallel of this we still make lectures in the morning for students and assignments. This term was a delight to work with, always willing to help on site and a great source of information. This morning they had to prepare a presentation for the rest of the university.

9am and the volunteers divide into two groups: pounders and levelers.
Well you followed last time that we had put too much gravel inside. José, Javier and Jesus (who gave the site his blessing 😀 ) take the matter in their hand and start moving gravel around. Sudden fright: we are almost out of gravel…funny, we are advancing quite well, for all of those who didn’t believe in us, I’m sure this is a great surprise. But being a superstitious person I don’t want to jinx it and I’ll wait until we are DONE to say “eat it”! :)

10am. And we are back on calculations. Not so much time to do. We go over the statics of our structure for the roof. Sidetracked by other actions on site it’s already time to attend to the students.

12pm and it’s time for Janis and me to go take the “term” picture with summer school, listen to their presentation and hand in the diplomas.

2pm. Janis, Lachezar and I are sitting side by side with our computers, discussing, calculating sections in Glulam for the beams and columns. It is now a finished business. Only Glulam can be delivered in one week compared to other companies and wood who can only deliver part of our order and only in three weeks…
On the bright side Janis got delivered the right fitting for the ventilation and he found bricks and pieces of insulations that make him look like a kid on Christmas Eve. Again, small things always make the difference :)

It’s 4:46 down here and it’s time to cover the tires: a bad thunderstorm is coming tomorrow. Then hit the showers and meet for meat :)

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day or rather a thought: “I can’t write everyday sentences that were said on site because most of them are just kinky”…
Now let your imagination run wild :)

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