Day 449: Panic…17 days until Grand Opening…getting ready for the final spring

2nd of September and I’m ready to work. Yesterday I came on site to get up to speed. So here’s where we are now:

–       Floor in both rooms are in, missing the finish connection with the walls, because there are no walls, only 3 boards in the main room, west wall.

–       Sensors are in – 4 in the floors, 6 in the walls – and working.

–       Flashing are all in.

–       The wall where is now the door is up as well as the facades and the inside door. (Which I was told was a door meant to connect with the outside and had only one handle…boy    I’m happy I was on “vacation” :) ).

–       The lights are up, but not yet functional.

–       There is soil in the planters and insulation between each front column.

–       The green wall has its first layer of geotextile up and ready to go.

–       Cables, cables everywhere. Now as much as I would like to be detailed about it, I can’t, there was little time for George to explain to me the cables, and to be honest, I’m more of a structure gal, so… 😀

–       The deck was done, and I was told that it was a pain in the butt to do.

–       Ventilation tower inlet and outlet are functioning.


I think that’s about it. Seems like a small list but really it’s outstanding what George managed to do with his father’s help :)


So back to Tuesday; Andrea Gino was helping George placing some cables here and there. George was placing the light switches after we decided on what should light what. Attention to detail is a great force but can also be your greatest enemy…


On my side, I was cleaning the place a little, preparing for a big cleaning the next day in between inside, outside and the container.

Getting familiar with your surroundings might take some time but it is essential to be efficient. Take the time you need, because after when you need a tool, you know where it is and lose no time in looking for it. You also know what needs to be done and it gives you a better perspective on the time frame of it all!


That’s all for today so:

Thanks for following :)


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