Day 47

Ok, fine, I’ll be honest and tell you I don’t precisely remember what happened that day in details like usual. It’s Thursday and the progress is so much that sometimes the memories get tangled and I don’t recall in what order they happened :)

I call tell you this much:
We placed the orders for timber (Glulam because the company that we first looked into months ago was actually on vacation and could not deliver the wood before mid-August. But you already know that…
So Monday after having contacted another company, we get a phone call from them that tell us that the middle main beam (300×140) cannot be made because they don’t have that size (like they said on their web page). Faced with a new problem, we find other companies and check the static for the new measurements with find. That actually took us a little while, especially considering we had the first day of the 3rd term for summer school meaning presentation of the project and the site and the security checks that we have.
With this new thing of not having what we want we also double check all the beam/column connection and order them :)
Funny how on site it’s Christmas every 3 days :) !!!!!

Of course tire pounding continued, slowly seeing that we have less and less volunteers. That actually hit me on Monday that we won’t have anyone after mi-August: so please people come on here and spend the rest of your summer having a fun nice time with us ^^ … no, nut really :)

Thanks for following :)

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