Day 48 – A concrete joke

8:30am and design team is already there, calculating, counting (money and measurements) and I’m getting ready for the lecture. Summer school comes almost on time, something I appreciate, and the lecture is short after which I set them off to either pound or work on the plaster assignment. We just started row 10 and we are going to see what the newbies are made of :) It’s getting higher and I realize that Lachezar is not pounding anymore. Doesn’t take me long to conclude he doesn’t like heights :)

3pm. I set off to do the concrete for the corner of the house. (We cannot cut a tire in half so the half missing we are filling it up with concrete.) I already poured 10l in each corner but that spot is like an insatiable hole eating concrete. So I do 20l more, wreck the bucket we just bought for mixing (mixing my ass by the way, crappy material!!!!!)
Janis starts his concrete in the bib mechanical mixer. He’s set off to mix 100l because he wants to make a test tire and see how it is to drill in it. How did that go, well:
First the mixer is not water proof, so you lose water, and as soon as it touched cement, you lose cement. That the aggregates we have are not fit for our purpose, too many big gravel (16/32) and not enough sand. He tries to fix that, takes a while, pouring out gravel and adding sand, what we have at our disposal, which is again not the one that would fit our need. Testing is always good. We will realize this and that isn’t right and make sure it works for the real try out :)
Anyway, he reaches the point of pouring in a 225mm tire. Surprise surprise, he’s missing at least 20l of concrete, at which point it just seems insane, because the same thing happened to me too! We look at each other and conclude that concrete is magical :)
The entire thing takes a while, people are already leaving and we still have to clean our tools.

5pm and we start a discussion: the wobbly wall.
Because we keep changing every 5 or 6 rows the size of the tire (its diameter) we end up with gaps in between tires. Those gaps get wider and wider making the entire structure no longer act as an “unity”. For over an hour with Janis and Lachezar we were discussing what we could do: feel up the gaps; buy more geogrid for soil to prevent further pressure. But for the time being, considering the time that it takes to order the geogrid (3days) we are first going to start “plaster” in between the holes and see how the wall acts after the plaster cured (because plaster made out of hydraulic lime cures, it doesn’t dry :) ).
Time will tell as usual :)
Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “it’s magic, we have magic here, everywhere ^^ “

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