Day 49

It’s the end of July already and the house has been taking shapes, shapes that we expected but yet can’t seem to grasp. When have we done all this? I mean you might not see it like me, but I think building a house in 3months is actually quite ambitious :) Unfortunately being on site every day is like looking at your best friend. Someone that you know so well the small changes won’t draw your attention, like a new hair cut let’s say. Here it’s the same thing, we see the site every day and at the end of each day we don’t really realize all that we have accomplished, just a haircut. But add all those days together and sometimes it hits you: your best friend lost 50kg changed his entire wardrobe along with the hair cut…

9am. The volunteers and summer school arrive. The weather threatens upon us but we decide to postpone the lecture in order to finish the 10th row. You need to remember that setting out a new layer of tires takes time. Taking the heights every two tire and then finding tires that will compensate whatever difference we have on the row. Than placing them, screw them to the previous row… It’s around 1 hour. 1 hour during which you only need at most 4 people to help out and we can’t really leave the students doing nothing…
11am and only two people are left to pound. Out of laziness from others but most likely because the tires left are next to each other and its not safe nor comfy to pound with your neighbor so close. 80% of summer school is doing nothing so it’s time to start the lecture while some volunteer who do not attend said lecture stay to finish the row.

12pm. With Janis we take the heights and start looking for tires that we set with Javier. Janis start screwing them, wanting to place the tires himself a little bit more to the outside then the usual way.
1:30pm Javier, Janis and me leave for lunch while everybody can start pounding the 11th row.
In the afternoon we start looking at how to brace the anchor to the tires so that they don’t move. Which wood how to level them and with Javier I’m set off to start looking for wood.
I have the misfortune to ask “Hulk” (the strongest guy from summer school – I swear you have never seen anything like that. He can actually lift the stamper with one hand. Pounds so hard that he’s actually banned from it because he overpounds all the tires in 20min… :) ) to unscrew the level boards. I thought that I would tell him to start with one and after tell him to leave one In the front and back of the house in order for us to still have floor level available. I turn around and in a matter of minutes the guys is back in the front of the house ripping the boards in front. I barely had time to jump the guy and beg him not to rip the last one! 😀
I spent the rest of the afternoon unscrewing the ripped boards one buy one.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. We need to finish 11th row by the end of the day and pour the concrete tomorrow…

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