Day 5 – Damage control

10am. We are on time, sort of. We all leave for the site, get some pallets along our way and the boys start moving gravel into our “crap” hole, known to us now as “shit hole”.
I’m in the “cave” also known as the container, trying to build shelves from pallets and pieces of wood that are of course none of the same size.

1pm. I come out, the brightness is blinding, but I manage to realize that the boys finished with the gravel and got started on the trenches for the drain. Now the back is the highest point so less digging which makes ‘Saturdays’ workers mui happy .

3:45pm. All in all a good day of work. We need to be prepared for the gravel that is coming between Monday and Wednesday, 3 days of suspense may I say, not like a thriller where we are waiting to see who the murderer is, but then again people already think we buried bodies on site, which for the record will not be commented upon…^^
And so it’s time to start putting the covers back on our hole. Takes 25min, we did it quickly; maybe too quickly, than again we couldn’t have imagined that Denmark had it in its guts to pour something like what fell from the sky today at 4:30pm. By then, Yovko and Janis were in the office, Darius was eating the second spoon of his heated meal and I was in the bar watching it all happen. I kept looking at all the water going into the drain of the bar, and started stressing about our own system.
I wasn’t alone, because the three engineers that we are all had the same thought at the same time: “let’s go back on site”.

5pm. Yes. Water. A lot of water. Solution, pump it out now. Problem to that solution, we have no electricity on site yet. And so the race began. We went to go get George, went back to school to see if he had access to the place that holds literally the key to our problem. No luck. That’s how we desperately ended up asking random people on school to try and open a room in school. We strike out again. Go back on site and George had crazy ideas on how to give us electricity, all of which were judge too dangerous and slightly not in accordance with the law…

6pm. Illumination. Found a civil engineer in the semester that actually has access to our key problem!!! The joy was most certainly an overreaction given the conditions of our problem, but right there we felt happy as a kid on Christmas morning!
2 hours later, after George went full hero on us and went 20cm deep into rain water, we had emptied out the water and repositioned all the water covers into a more efficient manner, on which we will have to wait tomorrow to judge on its efficiency.

8pm and it’s sunny, can’t shake off the fact that if it does not rain during the night, I’ll be quite annoyed, but it’s time to stop. The picture speaks for itself, we worked hard on Saturday! :) And we deserved a beer to celebrate.

See you tomorrow.
Thanks for following.

Sentence of the day: “The work site is not the most dangerous place, the walk home is”.
Regards to Tobi who twisted his ankle walking home :)



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