Day 50 – the beginning of the end

9am. In order to keep the same pace as yesterday we decide to place the lecture to whenever row 11th is done.

11am. People remember this date, first of August the day we started the last row for the back wall of the house. I’m sure that in retrospect that will mean a lot, a milestone that somehow makes you feel like a parent. Your baby is growing, soon it will fly. It’s like if he knew how to talk :)

1pm. Volunteers are back and after a pep talk their off to pound with music on.
With Javier we start doing the wood, leveling, and leveling again, putting a piece of wood here and there, drilling screws, placing. It takes a while for different reasons. First we check all the heights of all the foundations (12 in total) realize two in the front and two in the back are really off, making us go back to the theory that the tires are indeed magical and change height during the night!!! In front the situation is a bit more delicate. Well not so much delicate as annoying. Guess what we had to do? Move gravel! Indeed to columns side by side had to be switched. That’s what we thought at the beginning at least. So we dig around, literally unscrew the tire from the screw that goes through the OSB board on which we place insulation from the outside. I actually had to drill a hole in the other tire because we could move the insulation (and the ton of gravel now placed in front of it to get to the screw head on the board… And so we switch. Level again. Wrong. Realize the second tire from one of the foundation is also way too high and needs changing. Move gravel. Unscrew tire. Switch tire. Place last tire on top. Level. Bingo :) Place all the tires as they should be, screw them together, place the gravel nicely back.
And finally start doing the wood part for the anchors.
This took most of the afternoon and I discovered that Javier is terrible at sawing. I knew he had to be bad at something :) !!!
With Janis, the three of us stay, discuss, look at the bolts and anchor we need to set. Think about how tomorrow is going to go. Concrete, leveling, total station, placing, pouring. It’s 9:30pm and we have a step by step of what to do. Who does what and what we need (meaning we will send Darius on a hunt tomorrow morning as well ^^) .
It’s comforting to have a layout writing down of what we should do. It gives you perspective and the three of us manage to forget nothing. At least that’s what we think.

Tomorrow will be a very long day with concrete. But I’m not scared, we have a hell of a team. Note that we did add on the step by step list to get drunk at the BBQ and go to sleep, as if we needed the incentive :)

Thanks for following :)

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