Day 7 – Digging- no, really, digging! surprise surprise !!!

7:45am. I’m in the office writing to people, because it seems to be the only available time I have in my day. The plan (because I had a plan.) was to go on site, welcome the volunteers, tell them about security, the site and the tasks to accomplish today, and then clean the ‘cave’ and go home eat a real meal and sleep for real too…That plan got a little, hum, how to put this, delayed…

9am. Yovko and Karina are trying to find me, but the odds are that it was a good thing I was walking through school because I found one of my mignons there, looking for the site 😀

9:15am and all the volunteers for the day are there. 10 min presentation and hop, off they go to work. Guys digging, girls sorting out cans and tires and cutting card board.
Meanwhile I’m in the cave trying to make some sense into it, not like I already spend 4h doing that on Saturday you know, but yeah.
More and more people stop by, some from school, some of our sponsors. In between that and the leveling that has to be done, and the walking around providing stuff for volunteers there’s not a lot of work I can do actually. Lessons learned, do not think you have nothing on your plate until dinner is served. But let’s go back to business.

13:30pm. The girls finished everything that I could think of them doing, no pun intended, and left 30min ago, the guys just finished and are glad to go home for lunch, at least I’d think so ^^

14:00pm and other off the grid volunteers show up.

16:00 and I’m done. After a sun burn which I have no idea where it came from, I spend the last 2h building shelves for the security shoes and helmet that school is nice enough to lend us. I’m quite proud of myself if you must know. I like to think of it as a whole new level of engineering!
I leave the 4 guys on site who are about to finish up so tomorrow is the day we go crazy and set out the geotextile.
Our baby is gonna look so much prettier I’m sure!

A great thank you to the people who came over today and we hope to see you Thursday and Friday to start moving gravel around :)

Thank you for following :)


Sentence of the day: “ Soon we’ll be real earthshippers”
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