Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.

Day 3 – Water protection – Excavation

8am. I’m in the office, starting over calculations. There’s something that prevents me from being lazy and not verifying the simplest things… But the excitement is actually making me inefficient and I lose track of the numbers and have to start over and over again…

The guys went shopping again. Buying a tent, something just for us to be able to work underneath if the weather is like this morning’s. One more hour of discussion was given to that tent. Some will say that the adopted solution is “crap”, but trust me, a lot of thought has been put into it !!

1pm. Meeting with school representatives. Thanks to them all this is possible. I cannot start to express how helpful they are. Even if sometimes we get turned around not knowing to who ask what, but at the end there are there for us when we need.

The boys went on site after the meeting. Continued putting some earth on the spots that need to be filled. I was told that it was quite muddy and sticky making the work double trouble, but they managed to do a lot I have to say.

I have to go now to our daily meeting, talk about tomorrow, building tomorrow the drain trench, if the weather allows it.

Thanks for following :)

Sentence of the day: “let’s just dig under the rain”.



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