“Let’s just get a circus tent to cover it all up”

Day 4 – Mud Excavation 14/06/2013
8am. Darius is already on site with the mechanical compactor waiting for us to start the day.
Yovko and Janis are in the office, setting out points on drawings properly to put them into the GSP coordinator and be able to set out the digging of the trench for the drainage.

When I get on site, a bit late I must say, I can see that rain has poured during the night and it’s now time to see how well our pump works. So the dragging of the water proof membrane we set out the night before starts. BTW: best way to get mud all over you! But who cares, it’s just dirt  .
The pump unfortunately is not meant to suck up so much mud and it clunked a couple of times. Nothing we couldn’t manage, thanks to George’s help, who I must say for an IT guy is quite resourceful when it comes to building things.
Bad surprise comes when, yes, you guessed, the “crap” whole is actually pretty muddy and not compactable as it is. And so part of the day was dedicated to trying different solutions to make the ditch a place where foundations can be set. Do not undermine 3000 kg/m of weight!!!!

11:45am and George and me are about to fly away! In the process of folding the water membrane, the wind bursts on us and I skid on the parking lot for almost a meter not wanting to let go of the membrane. It was like fly a kite, just funnier.

12:00pm. The DHL trucks comes greeting us with a present: the ISODRAN insulation.

2:30pm and after bringing few barrels of gravel I realize I’m out of my league when it comes to physical effort. Sure I can fill up wheel barrels but digging out mud is much harder then it seems. So I go back to the office and continue my dear calculations.

5:30pm. After a break at the bar I go back on site and am astonished by the amount of work they managed in only 3h! Thumbs up for the Design Team.
But let’s not get carried away. In order for us to keep up to our schedule we are going to need to work this week end. Everybody is already sore, but it’s training so to better pound tires when the time comes.

7pm. Our daily meeting is quick on the hill of the bar. No beers, just coffee and small talk, deciding what to do tomorrow and trying to foresee what is to be done for the upcoming week.
We meet again tomorrow morning at 10 (because weekend happens  ) and more digging.

We don’t sign up volunteers for weekends, but if you have some free time for a free work out, don’t hesitate to stop by and lend us a hand.

Thanks for following

Sentence of the day: “Let’s just get a circus tent to cover it all up”




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