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Project history:

Building Tomorrow is a non-profit organisation which has been created by 9 ambitions students from VIA University College in February 2012. It is a very international (Denmark, Spain, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia) and cross-diciplinary team (Civil Engineering, Constructing Architecture, Mechanical Engineering, ICT engineering, Global Business Engineering, Marketing Management and International Sales).

The purpose of the house is to demonstrate that it is possible to build technologically advanced buildings without compromising future generations and the environment. It is a sustainable, off-the-grid house which will be able to produce it’s own electricity, heating / cooling, ventilation, sewage system, drinking water and even partial food production meanwhile using recycled materials such as car tires, cans and bottles.

We work in very close cooperation with VIA University College (students, administration, lecturers) and several private companies (Velux, Byggros, Scandia-Windows, NCC, DanSand and many more). Design, financing and execution is all done by students. Costs for the project are covered by a combination of private / public funding organisations as well as sponsorship of materials from private companies.

Design phase lasted 18 months and so far we’ve been constructing the house with the help of volunteers (regular students as well as summer school participants) for three months. We are planning to finish the house by the end of September 2013. This house may represent a very radical solution, however many of the concepts and technologies we’re experimenting with can be implemented in commercial buildings or family houses.




We cooperate with public and private partners that share the same vision. This way we would like to thank to everyone who has contributed or supported us in any way. Together, we can make a difference.

We are always actively looking for new partnerships. If you or your company would like to get involved or participate, we are always open to new ideas. Please feel free to contact us at or by giving us a call at (+45) 52 76 05 53 or (+45) 87 55 40 28.