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Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back :)

Forgive this huge lapse of time without this “diary”. It’s not that I lost the courage of writing it, but I went on vacation for a little while and the days were getting slower, so nothing really to write.

But now I huge update to give to you guys :)


Last time we were finishing the concrete for the foundations. The carpenter came and the long process of setting up the columns and beams started. We did all the main carpentry in one week during which the carpenter got annoyed by us engineers who are perfectionist and don’t always have a practical sense of things.

Monday we started with the pouring concrete on the tires that would receive the main beam. By 8pm Janis had started a patch of concrete and I decided to leave the guys to it, having done what I could, or so I thought.

Tuesday morning I go and meet the carpenter who looked upset: “I remember now my old boss telling me he hated engineers on site.” is what he said to me after I asked him how come the concrete wasn’t set. Janis and Yovko weren’t happy with the level on each side of the wall and at 11pm they lost patience and decided to look upon it the next day. So on Tuesday we poured the concrete and started placing the columns underneath.

Wednesday we couldn’t wait anymore and decided the concrete had enough time to cure. 10 guys lifted up the beam up to the top of the roof, we rolled it onto its position and then the bargaining started: cut this column, raise that one…

Thursday with just has much difficulty we placed the perpendicular beams over the buffer zone.

Friday we placed the front columns and the top beam.


All this was not without effort and useless calculations. It’s actually harder to get 9° slope than what we imagined. and so now we are around 7,5° which is still okay.


I don’t want to overload you guys for today, so I’ll be doing the rest of the sum up for tomorrow.


Thanks for following :)



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