Project “1 Million”

The entire idea of Building Tomorrow is to design and construct a sustainable, off-the-grid house using recycled and natural materials as much as possible. We teamed up together with BigHead and their Project “1 Million” in order to help bring a better future. Make sure to place your empty cans in the white containers located in the hallways of VIA UC and VBI. Some of these cans will go on as part of the Project “1 Million” and some of them will be used in the construction of our wicked building.



We cooperate with public and private partners that share the same vision. This way we would like to thank to everyone who has contributed or supported us in any way. Together, we can make a difference.

We are always actively looking for new partnerships. If you or your company would like to get involved or participate, we are always open to new ideas. Please feel free to contact us at or by giving us a call at (+45) 52 76 05 53 or (+45) 87 55 40 28.