We’ve survived, but…

Day 2: problems
Sleep was not restful. I’m sure I’m not the only one who had trouble passing out, too many things to do, to plan to think about. Morning finally came. I packed part of my wardrobe to change after a dirty day. But in the office at 9am the problems had already start piling up.

The lucky day of yesterday seems like a far and fading memory. Today we start to measure our efficiency in the face of the challenges.

Problem n°1 is the tent. We were supposed to get a sponsored tent by the Komune and since yesterday this plan has gone “bye-bye”. Unfortunate for sure. Our team keeps looking. Looking not only into renting of tents but also a way to build our own. 4h have already been dedicated by some of us, trying to figure out, each of us finding ideas that looked like solution until another would find the problem with it.

Problem n°2 is delay. A problem with the GSP delays our team on site to set in the new position of each trench and column and wall.

Problem n°3 wheelbarrow. As we along thinking school could provide some, it seems service department only has one. Among others things, it is now time for us to go shopping. This wheelbarrow thing just made us discover that the awesome bank that Nordea is send us the wrong credit card. Which made us loose another 30min of our day, trying to activate the card unsuccessfully until deciding to call the bank who made us wait another 10paying minutes to have someone tell us the great news.

It’s 2:30 pm and I’m in the office, listening to the walky-talky conversations of my fellow earthshippers on site.
Still doing calculation and keeping in mind I have to get started on a construction description like YASAP (yesterday as soon as possible). But I just want to go dig some dirt. Forget about the tent, and just dig.

7pm. time for our meeting. Still no tent, a compactor to rent, a lot of dirt to put back and a lot of dirt to dig out.

The motivation is still there, as well as the confidence that to every problem there is a solution :).
Looking forward to tomorrow, trenching.

Night will be filled with calculations, beers, and prayers so that it doesn’t rain too much these next few days. Join me for the prayers, I think we’ll need them 😉

See you guys tomorrow :)




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